MITCO’s ERP system is called Unified. It covers a wide range of functions and integrates them into one unified database. For instance, functions such as Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relations Management, Financials, General Ledger and Warehouse Management functions were all once stand alone software applications, usually housed with their own database and network, but Unified can make them fit all under one umbrella.

These are a few advantages of Unified:

  • A totally integrated system
  • The ability to streamline different processes and workflows.
  • The ability to easily share data across various departments in an organization.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity levels.
  • Better tracking and forecasting.
  • Lower costs.
  • Improved customer service.


Graphical Reports and Dashboards

Unified systems comes with Business Intelligence Graphical Reports and Dashboards Providing easy analysis and identification of trends and exceptions. Here are a few of them:



The following is a list of some Key business procedures which can be managed through MITCO's ERP software. In Unified they are known as modules. Depending on your business requirements all or some of these modules can be applicable in your organization. This is a general list of major inputs and outputs.

  • Media Broadcasting Billing System
  • Payroll System
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Account Payable Subsidiary Ledger
  • Processing
  • Inventory System
  • Production /Manufacturing
  • Logistics (Shipping, Trucking, Air Cargo) Management System
  • Account Receivable Subsidiary Ledger
  • Customized Billing System
  • Tuition Fee Management System
  • Costing (Business Center)
  • Budgeting
  • Core General Ledger System
  • Courier Billing System
  • Fixed Assets Subsidiary Ledger

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