Media Archival System (MAS)

In today's digital age, News Channels have hundreds of thousands of video files, from a couple of seconds in duration to several minutes or even hours. These files or clips are stored on several terabytes of storage, and archived over LTO tapes. But the real challenge is to find the right file within the shortest possible time.

MITCO’s Media Archival System or MAS as it is called, provides an Integrated Solution to easily manage the complete library of existing clips, and goes beyond to handle all future requirements. MAS is seamlessly integrated into the work flow to provide complete functionality required by every department of a New Channels. MAS is a true browser based application, requiring no Installation, and accessible from a variety of operating systems and devices. With this digital media archiving system all clips are available just a click away.

MAS working as a Digital Media Management System provides the following features:


Users upload the Video Clips along with any related Audio Files and Images into the system. MAS generates a series of equally spaced stills from the Video, to be selected as Thumbnail for the Clip and generates a Low Resolution Preview of the Clip.


Upon Enrollment, an Intelligent Search Engine, Indexes the Clip based on details including a customizable and comprehensive list of Clip Type, Category, Sub-Category, Title, Description, Meta Tags, Script etc. 


Users are able to search for their required Clips using an Intelligent and Sophisticated Search Engine, provided by MAS.


The users can preview and download the Media to be used in their production process.

Daily Announcements:

MAS sends out daily emails to users based on their preferences, listing recent uploaded Clips of their interest.


MAS provides a Dashboard detailing the Key Indicators about the System's Health, Storage Space Utilization and System Usage.


The Video Archival System, based on customizable duration and other criteria, delete old Clip for Optimum Utilization of the Online Storage. In case of requirement of the Clip, the system through an Automated Process retrieves the Clip from the LTO Tape and informs the user about its availability.

LTO Management:

MAS provide an Intelligent LTO Tape Management System. All the Data uploaded on the system is written on Tape. All the written data is checked after being written on the tape. Retrieval from Tapes is also automatic.



The system also provides Editing of Clip Data, Management of System Parameters and a comprehensive User Privileges system to manage access to all the areas of MAS.

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