CMS (Courier Management System) is an easy to use, Windows based solution specifically designed for the courier and distribution industries. CMS automates the front office, back-end business and infield courier processes, including accounts receivable, real-time delivery tracking and account information.

CMS (Courier Management System) includes:
1.Real-Time Tracking System
2.Billing System
3.Online Accounts
4.Credit Recovery System
5.Express Centre System

Features of CMS

1.Client Management
Courier, messenger, delivery and expediting companies can customize their billing,rates, services, and more, to suit customers' specific needs. Client Management also includes contract billing,sales tracking, electronic notifications and invoices.

The Web component lets the customers enter and track their orders, receive real-time email notifications about completed deliveries, see their invoices, search their order history. We use the latest technology and are compatible with most Web browsers, eliminating the need for additional technology at your customer's site. Save time and money by letting customers serve themselves putting real time answers at their fingertips. CMS provide customers with package delivery status via SMS.

3.Accounts Receivable
Accounting completely manages your outstanding balances and decreases your accounts receivable.

CMS includes a variety of management reports including performance analysis, sales, revenue, open accounts receivable and others. In addition, you can customize your reports with CMS system.


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