TVU Backpack

TVUPack is a portable, lightweight video capture and transmission backpack that enables broadcasters to deliver live news and events to audiences with a professional broadcast-quality picture. Rather than relying on traditional satellite and microwave remote broadcast products, TVUPack broadcasts live video in HD or SD using multiple 3G/4G/WiFi/WiMax/BGAN connections. With TVUPack, broadcasters can cover live breaking news from locations that are costly or difficult to reach with traditional methods.

Broadcast From Anywhere, Anytime
TVUPack is the perfect solution for organizations looking to capture live news and events from remote locations, crowded venues or even moving vehicles. With its lightweight, portable design, TVUPack is ready to broadcast live whenever news breaks.



Superior Picture Quality
TVUPack offers the highest quality, most stable HD picture available in an ultra-mobile 3G/4G uplink solution. TVU uses several proprietary technologies to ensure optimal picture quality regardless of network conditions:

Inverse StatMux – 3G/4G wireless networks suffer from unstable network conditions and limited bandwidth. TVUPack is able to overcome these network limitations and provide a strong signal through its proprietary Inverse StatMux technology. Inverse StatMux dynamically segments a live video signal and transmits the segments through multiple independent connections, and then uses intelligent monitoring and control to adjust the signal in real-time to ensure that each 3G/4G wireless connection is fully utilized. As a result, TVUPack can deliver a stable, professional-broadcast quality picture.

Superior Variable Bit Rate Encoding Technology – TVUPack utilizes a proprietary advanced low delay H.264 Variable Bit Rate encoder, which ensures that broadcasters can deliver quality live from thousands of miles away, yet maintain less than four second end-to-end delay.

Forward Error Correction – TVUPack uses a powerful patent-pending forward error correction algorithm to auto-correct packet errors and ensure a stable, broadcast-quality picture.

Simple to Use
Operating TVUPack is simple. Plug in the camera via SDI or composite connections, turn on the power, and the pack will begin broadcasting live in less than a minute. No field configuration is required, allowing the camera operator to focus on collecting compelling live footage without worry.

Significant Cost Savings
TVUPack provides broadcasters with a cost-effective alternative to traditional satellite and microwave trucks. TVUPack costs a fraction of the price of traditional OB vans. TVUPack customers are able to further lower operating costs by lessening the dependence on expensive satellite links and eliminating the need for additional engineers.

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