iGuard provides a complete solution by supporting both Finger Print Sensing and Smart Card Reader. Its Capacitive Finger Print Sensor provides greater accuracy and fraud prevention as compared to conventional optical sensors, and its Re—WritabIe Smart Cards provide flexibility and Zero wear and tear on the cards and readers.  

Furthermore, iGuard has built-in Ethernet (LAN) Interface, enabling it to connect to computers and other iGuard Terminals seamlessly. Many units can be configured to act as one big network of readers regardless of physical locations providing the administration with means to control the security of the entire organization centrally. Its web interface provides not only very flexible configuration options, but easy reporting as well. For more tight integration with the computers, its ActiveX controls provide a comprehensive interface to software developers. iGuard can also be integrated with your payroll existing system.

iGuard has a built in Data base and web Server eliminating the need of a PC Server.

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